3 Reasons You Switch To VOIP For Your Business

Although companies have relied heavily on traditional landline phone services for years, there is a heavy shift towards VOIP phone services, or Voice Over Internet Protocol. In fact, it is estimated that up to 80% of businesses have switched to VOIP. If you haven't hopped aboard the voice over IP train quite yet, here are 3 reasons that you should consider switching today.

1: Cost

If you are like most business owners, you understand that limiting controllable expenses is important for your profitability. Before you decide to limit the free drink machine or to cancel your office Christmas party to save a little cash, you should consider switching to VOIP.

Because VOIP systems use your existing Internet networks to connect callers, you won't have to worry about paying to have additional phone lines run or expensive proprietary phone systems. When the phone company doesn't have to send representatives out to your business to run new lines and set up new numbers, it reduces your monthly communications bill. On average, VOIP services cost about 25% less each billing cycle than a traditional phone service.    

Business expenses can stack up fast, but they don't need to. By switching over to VOIP systems, you can save a significant amount on your company utility bills, so that you can pad your bottom line.

2: Convenience

Are you worried about the hassle of switching phone services? Although it might seem like a complicated process, switching to a VOIP system is actually incredibly easy, and might even eliminate some of the normal issues involved with switching service. Here are a few conveniences that VOIP systems offer.

  • No Need to Switch Numbers: When you run a business, it can be difficult to build your brand and increase customer volume. Unfortunately, if you have a traditional phone system, it might be impossible to keep your same phone number if you switch locations. Moving into a new building across town might mean an entirely new number, which could cost you some of your customers. Fortunately, VOIP systems allow you to take your entire phone system with you when you go, so that you can keep your existing number for as long as you like. 
  • Simple Installation: One of the best things about VOIP systems is how easy they are to install. Instead of enduring phone service outages or line installations, all you need to do is plug your VOIP box into a power outlet, and then plug your existing Internet and telephone lines into the system. Your service will start right away, without any troublesome calling blackouts.
  • Bundle Your Service: Another awesome thing about VOIP service is that you can bundle several other features into your system. For example, instead of paying for a separate dedicated fax line or expensive file transfers, you can simply use your VOIP system to handle these types of tasks. Most systems come along with an easy to use software program that allows you to take advantage of these features, so you won't even have to worry about paying for expensive software.

VOIP systems are easy to use, simple to move, and can help you to eliminate other services that might be costing you money each month.

3: Call Quality

Since you probably care about communicating effectively with business partners, customers, and coworkers, you might worry about the call quality that VOIP systems offer. Because older networks were less comprehensive and much slower, the VOIP systems of yesteryear were much different than the versions available today.

With the help of cloud networks, dedicated fiber Internet lines, and reliable connections, VOIP calling sounds better than ever. To make sure that your company will enjoy crystal-clear calling, VOIP providers will inspect your incoming and outgoing bandwidth, Internet connectivity, and line routing to make sure that data can flow freely.

By taking advantage of VOIP services form sites like http://www.telepluscorp.com, you might be able to save money and bundle your services, without compromising sound quality.  

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