Securing Your VoIP Business Phone System

Setting up computer networks and signing up for a VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) business phone system can make work easier for everyone in your company. VoIP phone systems are very affordable, easy to use and have a lot of features that benefit your business. However, after setting up everything, you may think that security isn't vital, particularly if you already have a firewall in place and run anti-virus software. However, you might want to use these VoIP security suggestions.

1-Arrange and Manage Passwords

Instead of leaving the entire system open to everyone, ensure that you create individual employee passwords. Tell employees not to share their passwords with other people. This will stop anyone from picking up the phone or hacking into the system to use the phone without adequate permission.

Over time, you're likely to experience some employee turnover. Remember to delete users when they are no longer working there; this could prevent ex-workers from logging into and using the phone system for their personal use.

2-Set Guidelines about Access

Even passwords aren't enough to secure your phone system entirely. You need to lay down basic rules about when people are permitted to check their work voicemail and system features. You might, for instance, permit people to place calls from their own homes that relate to work, or you may not allow calls to be placed over the weekends or holidays. Discussing this with those who work for you is important; that way, you can come up with guidelines that work for everyone. Then, monitor usage to ensure everyone is complying.

You should also have your own IT department or your phone company restrict IP addresses that gain access. If you agree that employees can use the phone system when they're on a client site, there should be an IP address that will correspond to the mobile device or smartphone they are taking. By restricting certain IP addresses, only the devices you have already approved will be able to log in.

3-Back Up Settings

Viruses can sometimes still attack your VoIP phone system since it depends on your internet service to function. Prepping for malware can be done through software, but if something gets through, it could shut everything down for some time. To protect settings and any data, take action to back it up. This is sometimes done through online measures, and sometimes you can download the appropriate settings files on a thumb drive for copying and pasting later. Ask your provider for the best way to do this.

Securing your phone network is important.Your business phone system consultant should be able to assess your VoIP setup and offer more ideas. Contact a company like ASI for more information and assistance. 

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